Unibloc, bio block for urinal

Picture of Unibloc, bio block for urinal

FormatsProduct code
c/12 bte 12x2 ozunibloc12
u/1.9 kguniblocv
Usages :
Urinal block, cleaner and deodorizer with enzyme action. Scientifically formulated surfactant block eliminates odors. Continuous release controls malodor and helps prevent mineral build up.
Advantages :
* Cleans and deodorizes at the same time * Last for a long time * Quick water-soluble action * Long acting fragrance formulation. * Does not contain PARA * Biodegradable
Description :
UNIBLOC from Produits Sanitaires Unique is safe for the environment. It cleans and prevents uric acid accumulation, proteins, and hard water deposits, which can produce blockages and unpleasant odors in toilets. Unlike Para blocks which dissolves when in contact with oxygen and now acknowledged as being cancer-causing agent, UNIBLOC dissolves in water, is not a cancer-causing agent and its unique formula cleans pipes and prevent obstructions, while leaving pleasant fragrance.

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