Servant, deodorant degreaser

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FormatsProduct code
baril/205 lservantb
c/2x10 lservant10
c/2x3.6 lservant36
Usages :
Servant is a two-in-one which is both a powerful cleaner and a deodorant able to eliminate unpleasant odors.
Advantages :
* 2 in 1 : degrease and deodorize * Concentrate * Efficient on numerous surfaces * Agreed by CFIA
Description :
Servant is a degreaser specially formulated to dissolve grease, vegetable or animal oil & petroleum based oils. This degreaser doesn't contain butyl. Recommended for hard surfaces such as floors, walls, tables, chairs, counters, sinks, trash containers, food processing equipment & toilets. Very effective to eliminate bad smell in restrooms, changing rooms, lockers, garbage cans and any other place where the growth of micro-organisms causes bad smells.

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