Peroxygerm, non-foaming general sanitizer

Picture of Peroxygerm, non-foaming general sanitizer

FormatsProduct code
cont./18.5 l n/rperoxygerm18
Usages :
For agricultural, industrial and agri-food use. Dairy equipement sanitizer / Compliant for food industry / Recommended for organic production Sanitation of non-porous hard surfaces in contact with food. For routine cleaning and institutional / industrial sanitation of previously cleaned vigorously non-porous surfaces that come into contact with food, such as: food preparation surfaces, piping, tanks, mixers, evaporators, autoclaves and aseptic equipment.
Advantages :
* Prevents the accumulation of mineral deposits and milk stones or other. * Leaves surfaces shiny and streak free. * Excellent environmental profile.
Description :
Complex mixture of organic acid and powerful oxidants. Ideal for N.E.P. (on-site cleaning) and processing equipment, hard surface and watering system as a general sanitizer. Excellent efficiency spectrum even in the presence of organic fillers or hard water up to a PH of 8. Recommended for organic production according to CAN / CGSB-32.311 and 310. Approved for use in agribusiness.
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