Net-o, waterless hands cleaner with abrasives

Picture of Net-o, waterless hands cleaner with abrasives

FormatsProduct code
c/2x3.2 kg(disc)netog32
c/4x4 lnetog4
cont./20 lnetog20
cont/9 kg(disc)netog9
Usages :
Hand soap in soft paste with abrasive pumice that can be used with or without water.
Advantages :
* Use with or without water * Contains lanolin, glycerin and aloe to moisturize and soften the skin * Pleasant fragrance * Very effective with abrasives
Description :
Net-o easily removes grease, wax, ink, paint, tar, carbon, adhesive, asphalt, gum spruce, grass, etc. Thanks to its deep scrubbing action, it easily removes the most stubborn dirt. The ideal solution for manual workers whoever they are.
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