Microfiber cloth 14x14po

Picture of Microfiber cloth 14x14po

FormatsProduct code
BLEU pqt/10 umicrof1414b
JAUNE pqt/10 umicrof1414j
ROUGE pqt/10 umicrof1414r
VERT pqt/10 umicrof1414v
Usages :
Microfiber multipurpose cloths
Advantages :
- Color-coded for cleaning programs - Terry knit construction for dusting, polishing, and soft scrubbing - Try chemical-free cleaning
Description :
Clean with ease using multipurpose microfiber cloths. Perfect for dusting, polishing, and light scrubbing most surfaces. Great for chemical-free cleaning, but can also be used with household cleaning products. Microfiber cloths are used in many professional cleaning tasks because they easily trap dirt, water-based liquids, and oils. Microfiber cloths can be washed 100’s of times, but bleach and fabric softeners should be avoided.
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