Iso-70, isopropyl alcohol 70%

Picture of Iso-70, isopropyl alcohol 70%

FormatsProduct code
baril/205 liso70b
c/2x10 liso7010
Usages :
No-rinse sanitizer authorized by Agriculture Canada. PP6 Approved Use as a sanitizer for outside collecting systems, transport and storage for maple sap. Allowed for organic maple sugaring.
Advantages :
* Does not require rinsing * Dries quickly * Ready to use * Leaves no residue * Easy to use
Description :
Powerful purifier ready with employment. For industrial and agroalimentary use. Ideal to quickly treat direct surfaces in contact with food. Particularly useful for the high-risk sector of contamination. Evaporate quickly and does not leave any residual film. Its formulation makes it possible to dislodge the organic contaminants thus inhibiting the growth of micro-organism. Adapted well for the cleansing of delicate surfaces, any rinsing necessary.
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