C-Chic, wash & SHINE for car

Picture of C-Chic, wash & SHINE for car

FormatsProduct code
baril/205 lbautob
c/12x1 lbauto1
c/2x10 lbauto10
c/4x3.6 lbauto436
Usages :
Car-wash soap designed for automatic and pressure washer or hand washing.
Advantages :
* Shiny finish * Concentrated product, then economic * Abundance of suds to better remove and protect from dirt * PH neutral and does not affect paint or chrome * Doesn't contain abrasive or corrosive element
Description :
Concentrated cleaner for cars, trucks, bikes, and all kind of surfaces: metal, rubber, chrome, windows and plastic. Economic due to his concentration. Makes lots of suds to remove and protect from dirt, grease, insects and oil. Leaves everything clean and shiny. This product is non-toxic, non-flammable and does not affect paint and chrome.
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