Unisept, septic tanks control

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FormatsProduct code
c/12x500 mluniseptl500
c/2x3.6 luniseptl36
cont./20 luniseptl20
Usages :
UNISEPT is a biotechnology product for septic tanks, it eliminates bad odours and the organic matter.
Advantages :
* Restores and adds natural biological activity * Controls unpleasant odors * Prevents disposal field blockage * Reduces pumping costs * Safe to use, contains no chemical product * Prevents pipes blockage
Description :
A septic tank in good condition produces a bacterial flora that liquefies, biodegrades toilet paper, organic matter, and controls naturally bad smells.Given that the process is biological, it is fragile and can stop acting. Unisept will increase the bacterial flora and maintain a good biodegradation. Its bacreria digest proteins, detergent, starch, oil, grease. Unisept doesn't damage metals, ceramic,plastiques in the pipe.
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