Titan, hands cleaner with citrus fruits

Picture of Titan, hands cleaner with citrus fruits

FormatsProduct code
c/2x3.6 ltitan36
c/4x3.6 l avec pompetitanp36
c/6x2.5 ltitanp25
c/8x2.5 ltitan25
Usages :
Excellent cleaning cream for hands, contains glycerine to prevent dry skin.
Advantages :
* Can be used with or without water * Pleasant fragrance * Fine abrasive
Description :
USE TITAN WITH OR WITHOUT WATER. It deeply penetrates skin’s pores to liquefy and free ground-in dirt. This product is available in a cream with a fine, polyethylene abrasive. Unlike silica, the polyethylene abrasive does not weigh down the product and will not block sewer pipes. Titan easily removes grease, oil, ink, paint, tar, plastic, etc. It is the ideal solution for manual workers.
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