Natùr, neutral cleaner

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FormatsProduct code
c/2x3.6 lnatneutr36
Usages :
Neutral detergent for wall and floor.
Advantages :
* Biodegradable and phosphate free * Dye and alcohol free * VOC free
Description :
ñatùr professional neutral detergent is highly efficient cleaner for floors, walls, and other hard surfaces where a neutral pH solution is desirable. The powerful cleaning agents will quickly remove dirt without dulling or damaging floor finishes, and even if the product is used every day. It requires no rinsing and leaves no residual film. It is effective as a carpet cleaner,varnished furniture, countertops, laminate flooring, wood floor varnished, plastic or any other surface requiring a neutral pH. Do not use on pre-oiled floor or furniture. The neutral ñatùr professional detergent is safe and effective for use in hospitals, schools, food service kitchens, bathrooms, and virtually every other kind of facility.
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