Kyorene glove nitrile coated palm finger

Picture of Kyorene glove nitrile coated palm finger

FormatsProduct code
L - douzainegantkyo200l
L - douzainegantkyo100rl
L - pairegantkyo100rel
L - pairegantkyo200el
XL - douzainegantkyo200xl
XL - douzainegantkyo100rxl
XL - pairegantkyo100rexl
XL - pairegantkyo200exl
Usages :
Aerospace, Construction, General handling, Metallurgy, Plastic industry, Food industry, Fisheries.
Advantages :
* Cut resistance ANSI A2 * Cut resistance EN388 Level 2 and B * Extremely resistant to abrasion 4/ 4 | ANSI 4 * Perfect dexterity * Antibacterial * Food compliant * Deodorant * Contact heat and light cold resistant * Protection UV * Keeps properties under the light
Description :
Seamless KYORENE liner | Gauge 13 Micro-foam KYORENE nitrile coated palm and fingers Thumb crotch reinforcement Elastic wris
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