Gloves Atlas Tem-Res blue

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XL - pairegant282exl
XXL - pairegant282exxl
Usages :
Advantages :
* Breathable Polyurethane Coating that is also Liquid-Proof * Excellent Wet/Dry Grip * Ergonomic Shape * Insulated Acrylic Liner for Cold Applications
Description :
For the first time Warmth, Breathability, and Flexibility have all been combined into a Liquid-Proof glove. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Tem-res provides the wearer with protection from liquids in cold conditions while still allowing them the comfort of a breathable glove. The abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating and insulated acrylic liner were specially designed by our engineers to retain warmth while reducing perspiration. The thin, yet durable coating maximizes comfort and flexibility in very cold environments. Nitrile was added to the fingertips to increase protection. Launder at 40ºC (104ºF) using a neutral detergent.
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